Many people today have to watch what they eat – not just from a general health point of view, but because they suffer from serious food allergies. DBV-Technologies is one company that is dedicated to devising ways of addressing the food allergy issue.

Its biggest advance in this area has been the development of a special adhesive patch, which can be used both to diagnose and to treat various allergies. As can be seen in there are specific patches for specific allergies: peanut, house dust mite and cow’s milk protein.

Treating Cow’s Milk Protein allergy

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The patch approach is especially well-suited to treating cow’s milk protein allergy. This is because many who are affected by this condition are very young. Alternative specific immunotherapy treatments, e.g. injections, can obviously cause these patients considerable distress, and may even be difficult to administer because of this issue. The patch can be applied to the young patient’s skin, and can be removed as soon as any symptoms occur. By altering the amount of antigen contained in the patch, or the length of time it is worn, the patient can develop an increased tolerance to the allergen in question.