Food allergies have become an increasingly significant issue in today’s world, especially in western societies. Various types of fish, other seafood, cows’ milk and peanuts can provoke allergic reactions, ranging from the mild to the severe, in many people.

At DBV-Technologies, ( scientists are working to come up with solutions to treat and diagnose a number of different allergies. Their main drive to do this is centred on the Viaskin patch. This patch has been created in three different variants, house dust mite, cows’ milk protein, peanut and egg (

Viaskin products are developed in DBV-Technologies’ high-tech laboratories


The basic thinking behind the patch is quite simple. Allergens contained in the patch are solubilized by an ultra-hydrating condensation chamber, enabling them to pass through the layers of the epidermis. From here they penetrate the Langerhans cells, the body’s most tolerogenic cells. Once they are in place, the rest of the body can gradually become ‘desensitized’ to these antigens. Behind all this, however, lies an extremely high-tech manufacturing operation. This includes technologies like the electro-spray, which sprays tiny, electrically-charged particles of protein (the antigens) evenly onto the surface of the patch.