DBV Technologies is a company based in the Greater Paris region, specializing in epicutaneous immunotherapy targeting a number of common food allergies.

Food allergy treatment has been a field of considerable interest to many people for years, and that interest is growing in line


Source: http://www.dbv-technologies.com

with the growing numbers of people affected by food allergies as diverse as white fish, oysters, egg, milk and peanuts. Many different approaches and techniques have been tried out, with varying degrees of success. Oral treatments and injections have been common in the past, but both have posed issues in relation to treating children (injections and drops can be difficult to administer to young children), and relating to the risk of anaphylaxis during treatment. In contrast, DBV-Technologies’ epicutaneous method, the Viaskin patch (shown below), is entirely pain-free and easy to apply. It also cuts down on the likelihood of anaphylaxis because instead of antigens being delivered directly into the patient’s bloodstream, they enter the body through the skin and the very tolerogenic Langerhans cells. Work is currently underway on patches for egg, peanut and cows’ milk allergies.